Volunteer to work with animals

There are so many opportunities in Sonoma County to improve the lives of people and animals through helping animals.

  1. Reuniting lost pets with their owners
  2. Helping find good homes for unwanted pets
  3. Spending time walking and playing with dogs who live in kennels
  4. Petting and cuddling with cats who live temporarily in cages
  5. Cleaning the cages in which lost animals live during their shelter stay
  6. Helping non-profit groups at their fundraisers
  7. Working at special events held to help animals
  8. Caring for baby animals which would otherwise die painful deaths or be "put to sleep"

Check with the Shelter of your choice to volunteer your support

Things you can do on your own

  1. Providing opportunities to the sick and elderly to spend time with pets
  2. Talking to children about responsibility for the humane care of animals
  3. Understanding your limitations and not taking on pets you can't give the care and attention they need

Homes needed in Sonoma County

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