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Fostering Young Animals Saves Lives

This is Pierre, who without
a wonderful woman
who wanted to foster him,
would not have found this
adoptive home where
he's obviously very happy!
Fostering Saves Lives!
Want to see Pierre's first Christmas?

Ask anyone you know who has worked with animals, and they will be able to tell you at least one story about a baby animal who's mother had been killed, or one who had been delivered to a rescue organization or shelter without it's mother. They will also be able to tell you of the many baby animals in this situation who are euthanized because, being so small, they have been without nourishment too long. They have already moved too far along in the starvation process and are unable to absorb the food into their fragile system any longer. Or because it requires feeding around the clock, and there isn't anyone who wants to or can do that, they would be euthanized so they won't starve to death. The only way to save these lives is to find foster homes for them until they can survive on their own.

Fostering is the kind of job that is successful and gratifying for people who love caring for and nurturing baby creatures. The important word is "baby", because baby animals, like baby humans, don't know how to do much for themselves. At the youngest foster age, the baby animals will do no more than sleep, eat and defecate. (babies generally defecate in their beds, requiring constant laundering of soiled towels and blankets) Eating can be a challenge since it isn't the same for a baby to eat from mom's nipple as it is from the nipple of a bottle. Some don't learn, and for some it's just hard.

There are also many baby animals who need to be fostered, but are beyond the bottle stage and just need a little social time with humans. They might be frightened of humans, or have been born to a "wild" mother and need some social skills. Some need enough weight to make their health stable or even need minor medicating with eye ointments, worm medication, or antibiotics.

There are various reasons why babies need fostering, and if you are interested there are organizations who need your help. It is important that you have some experience handling animals, since most organizations who rescue baby animals don't have resources to train people with no animal experience.

Read Ella's story - abandoned and not able to eat on her own.

Contact the Rescue organization or Shelter of your choice to volunteer to foster young animals.


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