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George is Found

November 5, 2008
New Photos added 1/08/09!

Photos of George and remaining sibling Grace. Brothers Ira and Klaus have passed away.

Listening to my lecture about not getting lost.

Dude! Where have you been all these years?

He loves having his face washed with a warm washcloth. Purrs right away and relaxes.

This stuff wears me out!

Lunching in the garden.

This is so peaceful - I could take a nap.


After lunch.

Looking for breakfast

Checking Grace's bed

Touching noses with Grace

Found a spot in the living room to curl up.

Again at the watering hole.

Worked up an appetite.

Exploring the garden.

Being social in the garden.

Scratching on his former favorite tree!

Drinking water on his own again.

Cuddles after lunch.

Getting ready to nap.

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